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Pressure Sensitive

Flexographic & digital labels for all types of applications,
with a wide range of substrates, inks & coatings.

Our digital process uses UV inks which are durable while maintaining robust fade resistance. These print systems are earth-friendly, providing cost-effective products through high quality & enduring performance.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for a wide variety of applications, available on a broad spectrum of substrates, ink and coating options to meet end use product performance and requirements.

CLI manufactures a wide variety of non-pressure sensitive printed packaging components and applications.

Digital and Flexographic approvals. Our label constructions include a wide variety of material options designed to meet a broad range of applications.

If standard products aren’t performing, CLI delivers customs solutions utilizing our vast experience in materials and converting.

CLI offers servo controlled equipment to
manufacture specialty built products.

We provide the most complete, high quality and cost-effective options for Pressure Sensitive and Converting Products.

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"The team of professionals at Commerce Label are knowledgeable, flexible, crazy nice and they saw our vision further than we did and took it to flawless execution.”

Britta Chatterjee, Co-Founder at Odele Beauty